The Doctrine of the Church

This course is a study of the origin, nature, purpose, mission, polity, and ministry of the church; a major emphasis will be on Baptist ecclesiology.

This course allows the student to explore the biblical and theological issues involved in church doctrine in a deeper and more comprehensive manner. One benefit of this course is the practical preparation of the student for effective ministry in local churches based on a biblical understanding of the local church. In addition, the course challenges the student to think of the church in biblical terms, measuring its contemporary expressions against biblical concepts. The student will also be challenged to think broadly about how his/her own church reflects a biblical model and how, as a church leader, he/she can encourage the congregation in this direction.

Who this course is for:

  1. Students who want to learn the various views of the nature of the Church. 
  2. Students who want to understand the difference between the universal body of Christ and the local church. 
  3. Students who want to learn the different ways that people have understood the relationship of Israel to the Church. 
  4. Students, who want to gain a greater understanding of the purpose of the Church by asking the question, Why is the Church here? 
  5. Students who want to gain an understanding of what the essential ministries of the local church are.


Course Duration: August 6th – November 12th
Time: 7:30 – 9:30
When: Every Saturday
Address: 805–06, Kamdhenu Commerz, Sector 14, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
For more details, please contact: 9372659337 | 8119911213 | 9004767160